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A busy summer shaping up!

Besides working on the woodpile, we have a pile of gigs coming up. Mostly as a duo, plus a few with Zac Francis on bass and Paul Wolf on percussion. And two others with Kent Allyn on keyboard! Kent plays on our CD, and these will be our first public gigs with him. Here's our schedule up to August, including shows in VT and MA.

In case you are wondering, we are available for private functions, house concerts.

In the pictures you may notice a shiny new instrument. In addition to the Dobro (which is technically a resophonic guitar, Dobros are made by the Dobro Company) I now own a National tricone. This guitar was made by the National Guitar Company back in 1928. All Dobros have one cone, which acts like a mechanical speaker. The National has three little cones. It has quite a bark and a distinctive tone that works well with swing and blues. I don't have a recording of it yet, but I definitely will be playing it at gigs. Come out and hear it.

Photo- by Ron Falong, at Mr. Sippy's BBQ

As always, you can check out our videos at:

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