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CD Release Party at The Stone Church!

Our long overdue CD, by coincidence called "Long Overdue", is coming up soon! It will be at the venerable Stone Church, in Newmarket, NH. Like the CD, the release concert will feature more than just Bob & Diane. Our friends and recording backing musicians Scott & Betsy Heron (from Green Heron) and Paul Wolf (Jumbo Circus Peanuts, Wide Open Spaces, Honest Millie). Also playing will be Brie Green, Betsy's sister, both in the band, "The Green Sisters".

The Stone Church is at 5 Granite St, Newmarket, NH. The concert is Sunday, September 11, 4 - 6pm. Link to purchase tickets: Tickets are $15, $20 at the door. Recommend you purchase in advance! Concert will be outdoors, weather permitting. Indoors if bad weather.

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