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Our CD, "Long Overdue", $20

T-shirts! Modeled here by Sean McGuire & Becca Kordas. Crew neck in heather green, SM, M, L, XL. V-neck in gold, L, XL. $20 each, includes postage. Specify size

 4 ways to purchase our merch:


1.  Mail us a check for total purchase (includes postage) made out to Late Night Radio Productions. Send it to Diane Kordas, 26 Fremont Rd., Chester, NH. 03036. Include your address, we'll get it right out to you.


2.   You can also purchase a physical CD and t-shirts through Bandcamp using PayPal (click on compact disc vs digital copy if you would like the hardcopy in hand CD- hardcopy CD is $20.00 includes S&H):

All tracks can be heard and downloaded there.

3.  Purchase with Venmo:   @diane-kordas  please let me know your address in comments, total purchase price includes S&H.


4. Purchase with Paypal:  please let me know your address, purchase price includes S&H. 

Our new CD, titled "Long Overdue", was released September 2022. Been working on the recording since December of 2021. Diane has saved up all sorts of songs over the years, and we have finally polished them up and are putting them out into the world. This project is indeed, long overdue. We set up a studio in our home and had all kinds of wonderful friends and musicians laying down some tracks on songs Diane has 'made up'. 15 songs in all, and 12 guest performers. Included are 3 cover songs, just for fun.

Streaming and downloads are available through all major (& some minor) streaming platforms. We have 3 singles you can hear right now on our "LISTEN" page and a Spotify link.

These are our guest performers:





Kent Allyn- keyboard and bass

Stu Barer- harp

Ellen Carlson- fiddle

Dusty Clampitt- vocals

Mike Harmon.jpg

Mike Harmon- bass & percussion


Betsy Heron- fiddle & vocals


Scott Heron- banjo, mandolin, vocal


Dave Kiphuth- banjo & vocals


Lindsay Lassonde- vocals


Justin Quinn- mandolin


The legendary Stroker Rogovin, - accordion & vocals


Paul Wolf- drums & washboard

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