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Here are some videos of songs Diane made up, and a few covers for fun. Some new tunes, some old ones. Good music all around.

From our concert at the Parish Center for the Arts, "Somebody Left Me With the Blues".

At the Tempe Center for the Arts in Arizona. A cover of "You're No Good".

The Fretbenders covering Alison Krauss' version of the Bad Company song, Oh Atlanta. At the Stone Church, Newmarket, NH., 6/16/23. Bob & Diane with Kent Allyn- keyboard, Zac Francis- bass, Paul Wolf- percussion.
"Apalachicola", a Gillian Welch song, covered here at the High Street Coffeehouse

Playing some clips from the new album at the North Reading Coffeehouse.

A music video for Diane's Valentines song, "Will You Be My Darlin' Anyway".

 "Tear Stained Eye", by Son Volt, at Vernon Family Farm, Newfields, NH.

"I Just Want to Dance", an original by Diane. Recorded at the High Street Coffeehouse.

From the High Street Coffeehouse, "Long Cold Winter".

Our first single, "Small Town Girl". Off of our new CD

Diane's song, "Sunrise on Saturday". Live at Mike's Open Mic

From the Nippo Bluegrass Series with the big band, "Bad Attitude".

A little video we put together in our back yard for Diane's song, "Long Cold Winter".

From the PCA concert, Dian'e song, "Empty Pocket Blues".

From our concert at the Parish Center for the Arts, "Bad Attitude". A song written by Truckstop Honeymoon.

So, this is a "Crankie"! An old artform, like a primitive TV as it were. This one done with an Annie's mac & cheese box with added scenery -to illustrated Diane's song, "Long Cold Winter".

From our PCA concert, the title track from our CD.

A song Diane wrote, "Long Overdue".

From our PCA concert, a song Diane wrote, "Grandma's Quilt".

From our PCA concert, Diane's song, "Long Cold Winter".

A much larger crankie, Diane sings the Hazel Dickens tune, "Pretty Bird".

"Yes I Guess They Oughta Name A Drink After You", a John Prine song. Covered here at the High Street Coffeehouse

Bob  &  Diane  with  other  bands

"Payday At The Mill", written by Alice Gerrard. Diane, with her band, The Hazel Project.

Jamming on Van Morrison's "Caravan" with Tim Parent & the Grim Bros.

"Stealin'", Bob playing with the Artty Francoeur Trio.

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